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Claimed by Gods (English RPG)

Dieses Thema im Forum "Thread-Rollenspiele" wurde erstellt von Shade, 14 April 2011.

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    Claimed by Gods
    (based on the Percy Jackson Novels by Rick Riordan)

    taken from the official hompage

    I did not invent any of the characters shown below. They are either taken from Rick Riordan or history itself. But I did in fact make some additions as they were of use for the RPG. There might as well be slight differences to the powers and world Rick Riordan describes.

    Background Information

    The old greek Gods are still alive, but their appearance and location had changed as the world did. They are living in Mount Olympus, which is located on top of the Empire State Building and can be entered through the elevator. Most of the Gods had affairs with humans and do therefore have half-human children called Demigods or Half-Bloods. For their own safety they are brought to Camp Half-Blood as early as possible (The older a Demigod turns, the stronger gets the smell that attracts monster) to be trained and prepared for battles against monsters and important quests given to them by Gods or destiny itself. As a punishment for his addiction to wine Dionysus (Mr. D) was send to Camp and has to take care of it. He also is forbidden to drink anything alcoholic, which makes diet coke his favourite drink.

    [FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]Information about the Olympian Gods and their nowadays appearance[/FONT][/FONT]

    [FONT=&quot][FONT=&quot]Map of Camp-Halfblood[/FONT][FONT=&quot] (Click on the map for further information)[/FONT][/FONT]
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    30 März 2003
    somewhere in between
    AW: Claimed by Gods (English RPG)

    1. There is no need to read the novels to take part in this RPG. You’ll get all information you need.
    2. This is an English RPG. If you want to participate you have to post in English - but don’t be afraid of making mistakes. It is not allowed to criticise or make fun of another’s English. Still, it could be wise to use auto correction or a dictionary (http://dict.leo.org)
    3. Please do not write huge posts. They only slow down the game play or cause others do have difficulties to understand what you are writing about. Focus on the more important details.
    4. Try to post at least once every three days. That makes at least 2 posts a week. If you should not be able to follow this rule, please tell someone you are absent. We won’t throw you out, if you do not have that much time.
    5. Powers get stronger the longer you take part in this RPG. There is no level system, because I expect you to describe your individual progress on your own. There are only few restrictions, because I trust you.
    6. The RPG is set in the actual time and will mostly take part in America. You are allowed to refer to actual themes (like Obama being the president of the US, ...). I will describes the days (weather, season, etc.) as they pass.
    7. If you want to apply for a role, make sure the object of your PM with your application is “I was claimed by” to proof you read the rules. I won’t accept reservations if you shouldn’t name your message right.

    Application Form
    There should be no more than one child of each God in the beginning. Therefore send me a quick PM telling me what God you wish your parent to be (Have a look at this post to get to know which one to pick). I’ll tell you then if this God is already reserved or not. Make sure you’ve read the rules first. Depending on my Yes or No you either have to search for a new God or start writing your character profile:

    Character Name
    Son / daughter of XY
    (Usually between 13 and 18)
    (Describes what your character looks like. Think of your characters age!)
    Short Bio:
    (Not less than 10 sentences, not more than 25)
    Example: Who is your human parent? What have you been told about your other parent (Try to imagine if you would believe anyone
    who tells your father was Zeus)? Any problems at school (Demigods tend to be dislexic as their brain works in ancient Greek and are diagnosed ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)
    , which comes quite handy in battle)? How did you first notice there is something "supernatural" going on (being attacked by monters,
    being found by a satyr, discovering your powers, etc.)? How did you find your way to Camp Half-Blood and how old have you been?
    Preferred Weapon:
    (Choose one. It does not have to be a typical Greek Weapon)
  3. Shade

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    30 März 2003
    somewhere in between
    AW: Claimed by Gods (English RPG)

    Gods and their Children

    Children of Zeus, God of the Sky
    Cabin 1
    Zeus Symbols: Eagle
    Powers: Zeus’ kids are the ones to control lightning and air. As with everyone else the powers unfold with the years of life and training. Usually control over lightning comes first, followed by the ability to slightly influence winds and finally fly by willing the air to thicken under his or her feet.
    This is not a role to pick. Children of Zeus will only be given away as temporary roles in this RPG.

    Children of Hera, Goddess of Marriage, Mothers and Families
    Cabin 2
    Hera’s Symbols: pomegranate, cow, peacock
    Usually she hates all demigods as they are the result of dishonourable affairs with humans. Still, sometimes she picks a favourite.
    As the goddess of marriage Hera does not have children with anyone else but Zeus. Therefore this is not a role to pick.

    Children of Poseidon, God of the Sea
    Cabin 3
    Poseidon’s Symbols: Three-pointed trident
    Powers: Own wounds heal if a child of Poseidon is in contact with water. They can’t die of drowning as they are able to breathe under water. With growing powers they are to influence water in all forms.
    This is not a role to pick. Children of Poseidon will only be given away as temporary roles in this RPG.

    Children of Demeter, Goddess of Agriculture
    Cabin 4
    Demeter’s Symbols: torch, corn plant
    Powers: Her children can control the growths of plants and make them spread. If more powerful they can even will plants to behave as they want. Their powers are quite handy if it is to assure you get some vegetables or fruit between your teeth or just want to take revenge on someone by summoning poison ivy.

    Children of Ares, God of War
    Cabin 5
    Ares’ Symbols: bloody spear, wild boar
    Powers: Children of Ares are usually more aggressive and therefore to handle with care. It is hard for them to control their own temper, but not impossible. They are probably the best fighters with swords and spears. They like to fight and are difficult to defeat in close combat as their aggression lends them additional power and makes them ignore pain for a while. First their supernatural strength appears randomly, but if more trained they are able to use it on own will. This does not make them invincible as their greatest blessing is their greatest flaw as well.

    Children of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, War and Useful Arts
    Cabin 6
    Athena’s Symbols: owl
    Powers: Athena’s children are smarter than the other demigods. They are able to create strategies within seconds and therefore good advisors in almost every situation. But their rational mind is not their only talent, as their sharp mind gives them the ability to foresee what people and monsters are about to do and spot weak points.

    Children of Apollo, God of Archery, Music, Poetry, Prophecy, Medicine, and later on the God of the Sun
    Cabin 7
    Apollo’s Symbols: lyre, laurel wreath
    Powers: His sons and daughters are great with almost every long distance weapon, making them the best archers among the campers. They are good at dealing with wounds as well as with music instruments. If more skilled, they are able to heal wounds without any equipment. Additionally they can call down Apollo’s curse and make you speak in bad rhymes.

    Children of Artemis, Goddess of the Moon, the Hunt and Young Maidens
    Cabin 8
    Artemis’ Symbols: moon, deer
    Artemis is a maiden with all her soul. She likes to appear as a child of twelve or thirteen and even though she is the Goddess of the Hunt, she was never after men. Means: No kids. But a whole bunch of immortal teenage Hunters to follow her lead.
    This is not a role to pick.

    Children of Hephaestus, God of Blacksmiths and Fire
    Cabin 9
    Hephaestus’ Symbols: anvil and hammer
    Powers: His children are able to create the greatest items out of almost everything. You could call them the Greek McGuyvers if you’d like, but most times there is more to their inventions than just great handwork: Magic. With growing skill they are able to create more powerful stuff. While they can resist heat from birth on, they might learn to influence existing fire or even create some. But be aware, this talent is never to be fully controlled and could cause great destruction.

    Children of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty
    Cabin 10
    Aphrodite’s Symbols: dove
    Powers: Apart from being stunning, they like to play with others feelings. Most time they try to set up relationships or break them apart. The ability to charmspeak (get people to do what they want) is quite handy, too. With much training you can get anyone, not just the opposite sex as usual, to do whatever you want. The weaker minds are easy to control, but the stronger ones could sense what you are doing and probably won’t like it. Does not work on other charmspeakers!

    Children of Hermes, God of Roadways, Travelers, Merchants and Thieves
    Cabin 11
    Hermes’ Symbols: the caduceus
    Powers: Children of Hermes have a bad reputation as nasty pranksters and thieves as their great speed offers them a lot of chances to do so. With much training they can move so fast it is difficult to see their movements clearly. On the most powerful stage it seems as if they were teleporting.

    Children of Dionysus, God of Wine (Mostly referred to as Mr. D)
    Cabin 12
    Dionysus’ Symbols: leopard, grape vine
    Powers: Close to the powers of Demeter’s children they are able to make vine plants sproud and grow, for example to bind someone to the earth. Still their abilities in growing plants are not as strong as their siblings. With some training they can cause the feeling of being drunk and weaken their opponents – in some cases even to unconsciousness.

    Children of Hades, God of the Underworld
    Hades’ Symbols: the helm of darkness
    Powers: Children of Hades are very powerful as they can wake the death to seek advice or assistance. The longer the undead are kept alive, the more difficult it gets to control them. If more powerful you gain the ability to shadowstep (step into a shadow and come out of another; teleportation like, works best at night) and to command the undead to come back from Hades itself.
    This is not a role to pick. Children of Hades will only be given away as temporary roles in this RPG.

    Children of Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow, Messenger of the Gods
    Cabin 14
    Iris’ Symbol: rainbow
    Powers: They can create rainbows to use Iris-messages wherever they are. If more powerful they do not even need rainbows for communication as they do it telepathically. With much concentration and training they are able to read minds as well. Additionally they are best with Pegasi.

    Children of Hypnos, God of Sleep
    Cabin 15
    Hypnos’ Symbols: branch
    Powers: Hypnos children love to sleep as they find wisdom and experience in their dreams, especially as they can get in touch with other people dreams and learn from them as well. A good sleep is able to heal wounds or help to remember. The best: with training they are able to hypnotise others to make them sleepy or even fall asleep, to influence their dreams or make them forget things.

    Children of Nemesis, Goddess of Revenge
    Cabin 16
    Nemesis’ Symbols: scale, easily to be mistaken for Tyche
    Powers: Children of Nemesis tend to be jealous. But even if their mother is the Goddess of Revenge you can’t expect them to judge unfair. If someone deserves what he gets, they won’t hesitate to congratulate them. They are able to cause bad luck. The more powerful they are, the worse it gets: from slipping to accidently turning your weapon against yourself.

    Children of Nike, Goddess of Victory
    Cabin 17
    Nike’s Symbols: golden laurel wreath, chariot
    Powers: As their Mom is the Goddess Victory they are likely to win games and competitions. They are sporty and seem to be very lucky. They are best when it is to ride the chariot and are brave as the Ares kids. This bravery makes them good fighters. They are difficult to distract and always aware of the situation around them, which makes it difficult to manipulate them with all kinds of supernatural powers or mist.

    Children of Hebe, Goddess of Youth
    Cabin 18
    Hebe’s Symbols: -
    Powers: Children of Hebe are able to change their appearance as they want. This ability usually makes them look young at any age, but also bears the chance to distract enemies (Don’t try to fool monsters or satyrs, they can smell you!). They like supporting rather than fighting, but are quite capable of handling a weapon on their own if it gets to self-defence.

    Children of Tyche, Goddess of Good Luck and Fortune
    Cabin 19
    Tyche’s Symbols: cornucopia (horn of plenty), easily to be mistaken for Nemesis
    Powers: Similar to the power of Nemesis’ children, children of Tyche are able to cause good luck for themselves of anyone else. This could be a lucky step avoiding an opponent’s blow or a lucky strike of their own. But be aware, Nemesis might if you should exhaust your luck.

    Children of Hecate, Goddess of Magic, Crossroads and Ghosts
    Cabin 20
    Hecate’s Symbols: she-dog, polecat, three heads
    Powers: Her children are able to use magic spells. The more powerful they get, the more powerful their magic is. Still, this is not a grant for how long their spells work or even if they work at all. Magic is a difficult thing to control and if you aren’t careful, magic is likely to twist on you and cause more harm than good.

    Children of Pan, God of Nature (Satyrs)
    No Cabin
    Pan's Symbols: pipes, goat
    Powers: Satyrs are protectors, but are able to fight if it comes to that. Their sense of smelling is that strong they can smell monsters or demigods when they are around or at least in the closer area. Sadly this talent developes with time, as the satyr has to learn to differenciate between the variaty of smells. The younger ones will have the subtle feeling somethings wrong, but might not be able to locate it more precisely. Apart from their smelling, they are naturals in the matter of climbing or eating almost everyting, preferably tins (being half goat comes quite handy sometimes). Being part of the endless circle of life and nature they are good at dealing with nature spirits of all kinds and able to convince them to help you in most cases. On top of all they do not enter Hades when they die. They are reborn as a plant, nature spirit or whatever else comes into the fates mind.
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    AW: Claimed by Gods (English RPG)

    Quick Guide
    I will list terms and beings to give you an overview of the world. This guide will be updated as soon as there is new relevant information for this RPG.

    Ambrosia is the food of the Gods. If eaten by a Demigod it heals wounds of all kinds and restores health. It does taste different to everyone, depending on what food they like most. If you should eat too much of it you could get a bad fever or even burn to death.

    At Camp Half-Blood there is a cabin representing each God (makes 20 in total). Each cabin looks different as their design is based on the God. Aphrodite for example looks like a dollhouse, while Ares has weapons lying all around, Demeter loads of plants and green, while Hephaestus looks like a workplace (with loads of technical applications) and Athena like a library. (Have a look at the map for further information)

    a human upper half, which popps out of a horse's corpse. Centaurs are great archers, but tend to be childish and aggressiv. There is one exception from that: Chiron. He did train heroes for centuries and was the only centaur around the camp - and probably the most important perso... aeh.. horse after Mr.D.

    This term refers to the golden blood that runs through any immortals veins (no difference between Gods and monsters).

    If you throw a gold coin into a rainbow, Iris is likely to let her use the rainbow as some kind of video telephone to contact whoever you like.

    Magical Items
    Magical items are given by the Gods in order to help Demigods. The only ones, who are able to create magical stuff on their own, are the sons and daughters of Hephaestus.

    Normal weapons can’t hurt monsters. Demigods therefore use weapons made of celestial bronze. Weapons of this kind won’t hurt humans. Demigods, however, can be killed by both, regular weapons or those made of celestial bronze. Monsters can’t die. They can only be vaporized to golden dust. Their souls will return to Tartarus and come back to life after a certain period of time. Usually they stay “dead” for at least another decade.

    Mist keeps Mortals from noticing everything supernatural. If a dragon flies over a city, most people will take it as a plane. Mist can even manipulate memories, for example by thinking a monster that just appeared was your math teacher for the last year. If strong enough, mist can even make Demigods believe they are seeing rather normal things.

    Nature Spirits
    Behind each and every part of nature there is a nymph. Be aware of this when you dump trash or cut down a tree next time. They might not be happy to see you doing those things and punish you in order to protect nature and themselves.

    The spirit of the Oracle of Delphi nowadays lives in the body of Rachel Dare, a mortal girl at the age of 16. She has curly red hair and spends most time at Camp Half-Blood. When the spirit of the Oracle speaks through her she does have a different voice, glowing green eyes and a strange green dust coming out of her mouth and nose.

    A Satyr is a creature half human, half goat, which can smell monster and Demigods. They spread all over the world, appear to be regular humans (hiding their bottom half in baggy jeans and big shoes) and look out for Half-Bloods who aren’t aware of what they are in order to bring them to Camp Half-Blood before worse happens.

    Telephones, mobile phones, internet - all of those bear a great danger to Demigods. Somehow those things are retraceable by monsters, which endangers everyone around. You should only use those if there is no other way and if so be prepared to fight.

    In order to harm immortal beings weapons have to be made from celestial bronze. Otherwise they will pass right through them as if they were made out of air.
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    AW: Claimed by Gods (English RPG)

    Character Profiles
    This is the place where your characters are going to be listed. I will create a character as well, but do want you guys to pick your favourite godly parents, before I do.

    Adriana Sayura

    Daughter of Aphrodite
    Age: 16

    She is absolutly the daughter of her mother. Her long black hair is going in
    beautyfully waves down her body to her hips. Her eyes are grey-blue and
    with one look out of this eyes she can take away your breath. And her full
    lips will make you dream about them. She is tall but not too tall for a
    woman. She has beautiful breasts and a very skinny waist. Her body is
    trained and strong but she looks soft.
    Short Bio:
    Adriana was adopted by a really nice, half-chinese couple living in the States
    when she was three years old. This years where the best years of her life.
    She lived together with her parents in a pretty Penthouse in Park Avenue,
    New York. For Holidays they often went to England where her mother original
    comes from. At her 13th birthday her mother died because of undiscovered
    cancer. Two years later her father married again. She was a 25 year old Barbie
    who could not stand that Adriana was prettier than her. That´s the reason
    why she was very mean to Adriana and tried to decry Adriana in the eyes of
    her father. When she was sixteen Adriana put some clothes in her bag and
    went to a spontaneous holiday to get some rest from intregues of her
    stepmother. She went back to England where she spent so much lovely time
    in her childhood. In the forest near her families villa she was attacked by a
    monster, saved by a satyr and brought to Camp Half-Blood.
    Preferred Weapon: The bow
    played by Prue16

    Keith Dashwood
    Son of Apollo
    Age: 17
    Keith is one of the guys you would describe like the typical guy next door.
    He´s about six feet high and has a slim figure. The blond curly hair
    shimmers dark golden and seems quite messy. His bluegreen eyes seem to
    have a sharp look which makes some people feel quite uncomfortable.
    Short Bio:
    The little Keith Dashwood discovered very early that he wasn't a kid like all
    the others. He was very interested in classical music, poetry and early
    began to play different instruments and also wrote own songs. His mother
    told him by the age of 12, when he entered the puberty, that he was the
    son of a god. He just laughed, took the phone and wanted to call the
    psychiatric ward to pick up his mum. After that he never asked about his
    father. Keith's was worried about his sons live and asked herself if there
    would be any trouble, but as she saw him grow up in the little valley of
    Gleaster in Southengland, she forgot about that and just saw a normal
    young boy. He began about the age of 14 to shoot with bow and arrows in
    a professional way. Already when he was a kid he loved to play the
    american indian and shot the cowboys with his bow. He joined the schools
    archery team and used to take part in contest. And hell he was good.
    Then at the age of 17 he was confronted with his origin. At a weekend in
    the woods, while he was camping with two friends, he ranged in the woods
    with his bow. From behind a big bear attacked him and without his fast
    reaction and a perfectly shot he would live anymore. When he came back
    to the camping place he found his also attacked companions. One was still
    alive and Keith done the best he could with the stuff from the first aid box
    while he was waiting for the rescue team with it's helicopter. Somehow his
    friend made is through.
    That was when he realized that his mother may told him the truth. No
    normal person would have reacted so fast an shot the arrow right into the
    heart of the beast. One day later a mysterious character appeared at their
    little house in Gleaster and told Keith about his origin and his father, Apollo.
    At first he thought he went crazy and had a cerebral tumor or something
    like this, but then he realized that there just are some things you can't
    understand by using serious thoughts. Thats also the way he found out
    about Camp Half-Blood and there are many more Demigods like him.
    It took him a long time to accept all that but at least he went with his
    escort, sent from his father, to the camp in America.
    Preferred Weapon: The bow.
    A modest bowhunter-recurve bow. It's 52" big and disposes 50 lbs strength,
    which seems kind of sparsely but is perfect for hunting in woods or fighting,
    because of the better agility, that would not be given with a longbow. The
    gripping section is made from dark cherrywood an fits perfect for Keith's
    right Hand. The wings are completely dark painted and the bowstring is
    made of kevlarfibers and old fashioned hemp. Keith uses modern carbon
    arrows because of the high resistibility. Every arrow has a wide hunting
    peak made of celestial bronze and black and red feathers at the end.
    In the middle of the arrow is a imprinting of Keith's initials.
    played by Patiwa

    Gideon Wolf
    Son of Hephaestus
    Age: 18

    Gideon is a handsome boy who is conscious about his appearance. He
    inherited his short dark blond hair from his mother, but his bright green eyes
    looks like the eyes of his father. At least this is what his mother say,
    because he can't remember his father. Since he was 13 years old, Gideon
    trained Kendo, a japanese sword fighting. So his body is trained and he has
    a good condition. If he doesn't wear his training clothes in the camp, he
    prefers his grey hoodie, a faded blue jeans and his black Jacket.
    Short Bio:
    Gideon lived most of his life in Austria, because his mother was born in
    Vienna. The last time Gideon had seen his father, he was 6 year old, but he
    couldn't remember his father. The only thing that was stuck in his mind
    were the strange but very funny toys he had got from him. Gideon's
    childhood was ok, though he often missed a father figure in his life, but his
    mother gave him all her attention. Thus, she never had the time to meet up
    men. At least that was what Gideon thought, but in fact she didn't dare to
    trust somebody, in the fear that somebody could know Gideon's origin. So,
    she cared more about Gideons desire and especially supported his technical
    skills. Therefore, he was enrolled in his school for some science studies,
    which gave him much pleasure and many friends. But his mother never told
    him, why he had this talent to make meaningless things great inventions.
    After this one life-changing-night, his mother still didn't tell him the truth
    about his father.
    When Gideon was trying to think back to the night, he only remembers this
    fire-breathing three-headed monster which was suddenly in the Apartment
    and transformed the livingroom into a single flame. But once he has called
    these pictures in his memory, he just shook his head about it and said that
    this was merely a fantasy of his 12 years old Ego. His mother supported this
    idea and every time he inquired, she explained the fire in the Apartment
    with the broken gas stove. After that night his mother had told him that
    they will emigrate to America, because she got a job offer in New Jersey.
    She concealed, that she was actually on the run from other monsters. At
    some point Gideon had stopped asking questions and gave himself to his
    He quickly settled in Atlantic City, though he had some problems with the
    english speaking, but he liked this place and the sea. He visit the Atlantic
    City High School, where he met Ayra, a girl who was always steadily around
    him. Two years later, as Gideon was 14 years old, he belives to have fallen
    in love with Ayra, but when he had experimentally kissed her, they realized
    quickly that they probably would rather be just friends. Gideon's statement,
    she would smell like goats also wasn't helpful.
    How right he was with this statement he should know three years later as
    Arya and Gideon brooded in his room over a lot of magazines of various
    universities. His mother rushed into the room and leaned against the door
    as if she want to stop someone from entering the room. She begged Ayra
    to bring Gideon to the camp and stammered a lot of apologies, but Gideon
    didn't understand anything. But it seems Ayra have waited for this moment,
    she grabbed Gideon and pulled him to the window, when the door was
    breaking and the three-headed monster from the fantasy of the 12 year old
    Gideon stumbled into the room. With a breath of fire the Monster sets the
    room in flames and tossed Gideon's mother with a strike against the wall
    where she remained lay unconscious and was swallowed by the fire. While
    Ayra tried to explain Gideon the truth of his father, who she really was (a
    satyr) and where she would bring him, they fled across the country until
    they arrived the saved area of the half blood camp. It took Gideon a long
    time to understand, that he wasn't stuck in a really strange dream and it
    will take him many more years to overcome his mother's death.
    Preferred Weapon: The Sword
    played by Margit

    Viktoría Coates
    Daughter of Athena
    Age: 17
    Viktoría's grey eyes are the first thing to be noticed in her face because to
    tell the truth there is nothing conspicuous about her. Not her blond hair
    which she wears shoulder-length, neither her height nor body weight.
    Short Bio:
    Viktoría's father always told her that her mother died in childbirth and never
    married another woman because he loved her too much. They left the little
    village, where Tori was born, and moved to New York City.
    He was a loving and caring father even when she got to school and brought
    home one negative mark after the other. She was diagnosed ADHD after her
    first year at school and had problems with reading and writing as well. Her
    teachers seemed to hate her because they knew she was a clever girl, but
    never got better marks than Ds in every test. She befriended Kimon Kasika
    in junior high school. When Torí turned 12 her father took her and Kimon to
    a special road-trip to San Francisco, the city she always dreamed about.
    They wanted to spend their holidays there, but out of nowhere they were
    attacked by some monsters. Viktoría’s father got killed in the ambush, but
    the young girl managed to escape with her best friend.
    They knew that they weren’t safe in San Francisco and tried to leave the
    city on foot. They got as far as Sacramento when another Satyr found her
    and brought them to camp Half-Blood. There Viktoria learned the truth
    about her family especially about her mother who was Athena the goddess
    of wisdom. From this year on Viktoría lived in Camp Half-Blood and learned
    to fight, so she will be able to defend herself against monsters and she
    even got the hang on battle strategies.
    Preferred Weapon: Shortsword made of Celestial Bronze
    played by Eleya

    Kimon Katsika
    Satyr, Son of Pan
    Age: 17
    Kimon is short and slim. He has got short, black hair and there is just a little
    hint of his horns. Because of this, he wears a hood all the time, when he is
    in the "normal" human world. His human clothing is not very spectacular.
    Mostly he wears his black sweatshirt, wide, green army trousers and
    padded chucks. He hinks badly, but if it requests for running he is very fast.
    His goat legs are hairy and black.
    Short Bio:
    Kimon war "born" in Camp Half Blood and grew up there. In his youth he was
    one of the funniest satyrs in the camp. But Kimon learnt fast that life in
    Camp Half Blood wasn't as funny as he thought. Often there were fights
    and he had to learn a lot about fighting and bad creatures. Kimon was one
    of the best in his year and he got good grades. So he was allowed to go to
    the human world to guard one of the half gods. He was sent to New York
    City to guard Victoría, daughter of Athena when he was 11. Viktoría
    became a good friend of Kimon but never had any suspicions about the
    satyrs true identity. So Kimon went to junior high school with Viktoría and
    learnt human things like literature and maths. This things never made any
    sense to him but he had his instructions. Two years went by, and one day
    Viktoría's father wanted to spend his and Viktoría's holidays in San
    Francisco. Kimon couldn't let her go alone into the city of monsters, so he
    joined them on their journey.
    When they were attacked by monsters and Torí's father was killed Kimon
    told her the most important things about the greek gods and how the world
    really was. He managed to convince her to go to Camp Half Blood with him
    and on their journey they met another satyr in Sacramento, from where the
    three went to the camp together.
    Preferred Weapon: Gladius
    played by Chucky

    Charlotte “Charles” Green
    Daughter of Nemesis
    Age: 16
    You would never expect Charles to be the daughter of Revenge herself. Her
    blonde, shoulder-length hair, dark brown eyes and skinny figure make her
    look like the kind of girl that helps a grandma crossing a street. There is not
    much more about her. She is neither as beautiful as the Aphrodite girls nor
    as strong as the daughters of Ares.

    Short Bio:
    When Charlotte was two years old her father, James Green, married
    Suzanne. Charles was too young to realise she wasn’t her real mother and
    therefore didn’t question it at all. Her father, who knew her real mother was
    a Goddess, thought it might be safer to not tell anyone. Suzanne didn’t
    bother as she wasn’t able to get children herself and loved Charles with all
    of her heart. When the girl grew older, the troubles were beginning. First it
    started with her being hyperactive; next she got bad grades at school. Last
    – and probably the most disturbing – strange things started to happen
    around her. At some point people started calling her the “little Miss
    Fortune”, which was actually a play on words and referred to the bad luck,
    they said she would cause. Of course her parents told her the others were
    saying those things only to upset her. She knew there was more to it. It
    was no voice and neither did she see any signs, but she felt as if she had
    grown an extra sense for chains of actions. She somehow realised for
    example that a coin lying on the street will tempt you to pick it, but rip
    your trousers when you kneel down to take it. Somehow she was aware of
    life’s structure and started to enjoy spinning thoughts of “what might
    happen if ...”. When she was attacked by a monster at school at the age
    of 15 this understanding came quite handy. She suddenly knew there would
    be no point in running away as the many doors would slow her down.
    Instead she jumped out of the window (you do not need to be impressed,
    the room was on ground level) and landed on a strange creature, half
    human and half goat. This has probably been her luck as she was pretty
    sure what would have happened if she hadn’t been brought to Camp
    Preferred Weapon:
    A dagger, hidden in her leather boots. But as it is difficult to block an
    attack with a dagger she usually fights with a gladius.
    played by Shade

    Valentina Rhodes
    Daughter of Hecate
    Age: 16
    Valentina has a soft, round face framed by dark brown, curly hair. With a
    height of 5’2’’, she is quite petite and has a slim, but not too skinny body.
    The body feature she is most proud of are her big hazel eyes.
    Short Bio:
    Valentina’s father married someone other than her mother when she was
    still very young. For a very long time, she believed this woman to be her
    biological mother and lead a happy, normal life with her parents. Everything
    was average, except for some minor trouble at school due to her dyslexia.
    But as time went by, strange things started to happen in the Rhodes
    household. Once, the young girl was convinced that she had made her
    favourite doll levitate. “Well, it must have been magic!”, her father said –
    only half-joking.
    On her fifteenth birthday, her parents finally decided to tell her the truth
    about her biological mother. Naturally, she thought that they had gone
    mad. Things got too confusing for her at home and she did what teenagers
    do – she ran away. Later that day, she was attacked by a monster.
    Somehow, she managed to fight off the creature using her powers. She fled
    and hid in a place where she thought she was safe. Since it had gotten
    late, she fell asleep. When Valentina woke up, a weird creature was
    standing in front of her. It was a satyr. He told her about her origins and
    the options that she had. Due to the events of the night, the girl thought
    there had to be some truth in this and followed the satyr to Camp
    Preferred Weapon: A small dagger that she keeps with herself at all times.
    played by Cosette

    John Carter
    Son of Ares

    Thanks to the dark skin color of his mother, Johns appearance has always
    been exotic and dark. His skin color is a light brown, his eyes a dark shade
    of green and his hair an unruly mess of black. Thanks to the extensive
    combat training he received, Johns body is as muscular and strong as it can
    possibly be for a young man of only 13 years. However, his facial features
    and sometimes even his behavior, clearly show his young age.
    Short Bio:
    The meeting of Ares, the god of war, and Johns mother Karen has been an
    very unusual one. Different from all the other women that Ares loved, Karen
    had known exactly who Ares was and she had chosen him as her lover-
    of-the-night because of his identity. She was delighted when she realized
    that she was pregnant, for she had always wanted a demigod as a child.
    Karen cared for John on her own and tended to all his needs - the human
    and the demigod ones. She told John of his father and his abilities early on
    and began to train him in the martial arts and the use with all kind of
    weapons, especially with the sword.
    Because of his father, Karen only allowed John to visit a public school until
    the age of seven. She feared that a public middle school would distract him
    too much from his more important studies and trainings, so she decided to
    home school John for the following years. When John turned 13 Karen
    brought him to Camp Half-Blood, where John soon realized that he was one
    of the youngest students, but at the same time was one of the most
    experienced ones. Because of this he soon became one of the most likes
    kids, which - after some time - had him become pretty arrogant and
    presumptuous (überheblich).
    Not long after John began to find interest in the opposite sex. His mother
    had always done her best to keep him away from girls in order to keep him
    focused on his studies and trainings, so that John is only now learning how
    to act around girls. He also found quite some interest in some of the boys
    and soon realized that he is bi-sexual. He doesn't really have a problem with
    it and has always been open about it. Luckily for him he knew his way
    around an arena better then many of the other kids, which is why he has
    never been hassled about his sexuality.
    Overall you could say that John pretty much owns cabin #5 - even though
    he is one of the youngest kids of Ares - because of his experience in
    combat training, knowledge of Greek mythology and also partly because of
    his good looks.
    Preferred Weapon:
    long, thin, two-edged sword
    played by Carrie

    Jack O'riley

    Son of Hermes
    Age: 15
    Jack is a tall boy for his age, about 5'7''. Like most of Hermes' children, he
    has an awfully sarcastic smile and a gleam in his blue eyes that lets you
    shiver. He has curly brown hair, which he wears shoulder-length.
    Short Bio:
    Jack's Mother was a relatively ordinary person who raised Jack alone in the
    suburbs of New York. Jack never knew his father, nor did he ever see a
    picture of him. His mother always told him, that he was a very busy man
    and so business made him leave Jack's mother. Even though Jack's Mother
    was a pretty quiet person, her son was the complete opposite. He was
    hyperactive and caused many problems in school. Even the easiest things,
    like reading, were hard for him because of his dyslexia. So after some
    incidents, like stealing from other students, he got kicked out from 3
    schools, until he met Stan, a satyr in his fourth school. Stan told Jack
    everything about his being as demigod and about his father being a god.
    After discovering the truth, Jack spoke with his mother about the meeting
    with Stan, and she confirmed the whole story. Jack took this very lightly
    and got really excited about the idea of the camp "Half-Blood Hill", where he
    could meet other Demigods and find friends, so he decided to leave his
    home in the summer and went to the camp at the age of 12. He was quite
    fast claimed by his father Hermes and lived since then at the camp full
    time. He loves this camp more than anything else. The camp is everything
    for him.
    Preferred Weapon: Spear
    played by Triarier
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    AW: Claimed by Gods (English RPG)

    This RPG will be played in chapters. Each chapter will get a summary to keep you updated.
  7. Shade

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    AW: Claimed by Gods (English RPG)

    Chapter One // Training in the Woods

    Date: 10.06.2010
    Weather: It was a typical day in June. There were just a few clouds on the sky and the sun was burning with great effort. A pleasing breeze was cooling the campers down, but still it has been way to hot for more than a t-shirt.

    Chiron, a centaur (imagine a beardy guy in his forties whose upper half comes out of a brown horse's corpse) and certificated Demigod-training-instructor, had called the campers into the amphitheater.

    "Hello Heroes", he began.
    "Some of you might wonder when there will be the next capture the flag."
    Capture the flag is great fun to most of the campers, as they can compete against each other and win - which is probably the main part in being a hero. They split up in two groups, each one with a flag of a different colour, and try to sneak aroung the enemy team, to gather the flag and bring it across the small steam, which is used as a boundary for the two teams terretories.
    "Today is not the day.", he said after a short break and a murmur started amongst the campers.

    "Still, we are going to train in the woods today." The murmur turned into a cheering.
    "There will be teams of three each entering the woods to slay as many monsters as possible. We fixed orange ribbons to them. When you've killed them and they dissolve into dust, you pick up the ribbons and bring them back to me. The team with the most ribbons will win something special." Again, the campers began to whisper excitedly.

    "I'll do the teams and mix the cabins. You need to learn to play with others than your halfbrothers and sisters."
    When he called the first team, the Ares kid who had to work with a son of Aphrodite and a daughter of Hermes didn't look very grateful. A second team followed, a third, a fourth, a fifth:
    "Gideon Wolf, Son of Hephaestus, you are going to take this challenge together with Adriana Sayura, Daugther of Aphrodite, and Charlotte Green, Daughter of Nemesis."
    After a couple of other teams, there were only two Demigods left.
    "Keith Dashwood, Son of Apollo, and Victoria Coates, Daughter of Athena, would you mind to take a satyr into your group to make it even? Lets say your companion will be... How about Kimon?"
    When he said this, he began to smile to the satyr, who was sitting in the last row, amongst other nature spirits.

    "There are two more rules: Do not fight another teams battle and you've only got two hours. Let the greatest heroes win!"
    With this sentence the teams picked their weapons and marched towards the woods. While they were leavin the amphitheater, Chiron put his hand to his head:
    "Ah, I forgot to tell you the monsters were sponsored by Hades himself and will have been told not to kill you if it should come to that."
    But the campers were already too far away to get aware of this fact.

    To give you a little help with the monsters, there are three different types of monsters during this competition:

    A harpy looks like a big, fat bird the size of a human. They love to bounce around like bouncing balls (dt: Flummi) and are quicker than you would expect, when you see them first. Be aware of their sharp beak and claws - and don't forget to look up as they can fly.

    They look like dogs the size of bears. With their sharp claws and dangerous fangs they are a threatening opponent. The tricky part is propably that they can jump into a shadow and step out of another, which makes them really fast.

    Babilonian Serpents
    Those creatures are nasty snakes in an unnatural size. They can spitt a strong poison, which is similar to strong accid. Additionally their scales (dt: Schuppen) are that thick it is impossible to hurt them with a weapon. On their bottom side, which is usually on the floor until they attack you, the scales are a lot weaker.
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    Keith was excited like all the other campers when they were told that they would train against real monsters in the woods today. After all these days, weeks or even months that took him to realize that this whole Demigod-stuff was real, he was excited to see the powerful side of his origin. When Chiron did the mixup of the groups Keith wasn't quite sure if this would work out. He just don't wanted to be in a team with a 15 year old beauty-queen or a hyperactive son of hermes. But when he heard that his group mate would be Victoria he was happy. The young Daughter of Athena with her blonde hair and that special green eyes already had catched Keith's attention the one or other time. So the two would work together with a Satyr, which was quite cool he guessed.

    Keith made his way through the group and stud up next to Victoria. "Hey.", he said and smiled slightly. "So, I want that special price as bad as you want it too right? We'll slay Monster after Monster dear." Then Kimon joined them and Keith nodded as he where asked if he was ready to begin.

    (sry no great post but have to go! will not be able to post again today :( )
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    It couldn't be a bad thing to be in a team with a child of Aphrodite. Adriana really was an eyecatcher and Charles hoped it would be the same with the monsters. If they attacked Adriana, the Hephaestus boy and Charlotte could kick some monsters ass.
    "Hi Adriana, you look amazing!"
    Charles gave her a friendly hug, before she turned to Gideon.
    "Heya Tinkerbell. Saw you tinkering around the whole last week. Tell me, would you be able to build some monster traps in the woods out of wood and say... well... for example some elastic hair band?"
    While she said that she pulled her hair loose of the ponytail it was tied in and offered him the green hairband.
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    Kimon Katsika

    Kimon stood up as the Chiron called him into the team. He was very excited to "play" with the demigods. As a satry he never had this chance before. So he walked with a hint of happy jumping toward Keith and Viktoría. Kimon already had his gladius strapped to his waist and wore the typical satyr suit of armour. He found it quite comfortable, because he could really use his goatlegs in this clothes. In human trousers he always had to hink because they twinged him in unusual parts of his body. And without shoes it was a lot better to run, Kimon thought.

    When he arrived at the demigodss' side he nodded back to Keith and greeted Torí with a smile. Then he threw a quick look back to the other nature spirits. A exhalation of pride let his chest swell and he almost felt like a part of the demigods. He knew that he would never be as important as they were but nevertheless he enjoyed being in the team and was allowed to help them against the monsters. And he was even happy about being in the team with Viktoría, who was his best friend.

    "I am ready." He said, glancing at Keith. Then, from the side, he quickly gave Torí an asking look.
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    AW: Claimed by Gods (English RPG)


    Viktoría stood among the other campers and cheered with them after Chiron explained the training. But not for long because in her head she already made a map and plans where they would be able to slay as many monsters as possible. 'Where are they hiding? How fast could we get there? And who of the other campers know those places as well?' Because of all this thoughts she nearly didn't hear the names of her teammates. She looked around and first saw Keith moving to her side. She smiled at him.
    "Hey Keith."
    Then her eyes met Kimon's and her smile grew wider. "Hey Kimon." She turned back to Keith and nodded her head. "I'm ready too. And I think I have a plan how we could win." She winked and slowly started walking.
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    AW: Claimed by Gods (English RPG)

    ( Just have a very short time between my fly´s. I do not know if I will have Internet in Singapore so do not wonder if I am not writing the next week)


    Adriana was busy with brushing her hair with her hands. She new that she looks perfectly fine, but it was her normal behavier to look as pretty as possible. She was excited about her first real challenge in this Camp. She was looking around for her other teammates, because she didn´t want to spent so much time waiting. It was time to kill some monsters and to show how good she was.

    She just wore some green black shorts and a shirt in the same colour. Her bow was over her shoulders but still.. she was the daugther of her mother. Even in this normal clothes she look´s like a model on stage. Gracefully she walked over to her campanions. With a very lovely smile she introduced herself to Charlotte and Gideon.

    "Hi. I am Adriana. Are you ready for the challenge?"
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    "Do you might want to tell us your plan?", Keith asked and walked along with his teammates. He knew she already thought through all possibilities. She would already have a plan how they could fight the most Creatures and winning the competition. Thats what he found so admirable about this girl.

    Viktoria was walking in the middle of Kimon and him. When they reached the edge of the wood, Keith started to spin his Bow in his hand. In the other hand he already held an arrow with wide and pointed top. He knew like the others, that the monsters wouldn't wait behind the first trees to attack the campers. So he still walking slowly and patient while the other teams ran and shouted out and storm into the wood.
    "What do you think?", Keith asked his booth companions, "Where are this little Monsters hiding?"
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    Kimon Katsika

    Kimon walked into the wood with Keith and Viktoría. When he saw that Keith had put his arch and arrow out he put his sword out too. With his hose up in the air he sniffed around. Everywhere is smelled mythical. But he searched for the right smell. They walked side by side, Torí in the middle, between the many trees. The other groups weren't in sight anymore.

    Kimon knew Viktoría very well but nevertheless he was wondering what her plan was this time. He shot a quick look to her and recognized Keith's glare at her. But Kimon didn't mind about that. He was happy to feel the ground of the forest under his hooves again. He'd been too long in the city. But that was his job - protecting Torí.

    Suddenly Kimon came to a quick stop. Doubtfully he sniffed in the green air. There was a hint of monster smell in it. He switched his head around to locate the source of the smell, but he was uncertain about that.
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    Gideon was a little bit tired this morning, because he was working nearly the whole night on his newest invention. Now, he could slap himself for his carelessness. So he yawned quietly behind his hand, while the excited whisperings and murmurings from the others began. Gideon looked to Chiron and then to the other campers, as he heard which mission them awaited. "Oh great... I'm hoping badley there is a three-headed monster to kill..." he murmured to himself and then he turned around to look after his Teammates. He knows Charles, but he had never spoke to Adriana. In the last few days he didn't have the time to meet somebody.

    "Hey Charley" he grinned, as she came closer and he heard her greeting. "You really know how a man wants to be called" he answered with a crooked smile then he took his sword and over again he looked after Adriana. "Monster traps?" he repeated absently, when he turned his gaze back to charles. "Oh! You mean monster traps..." he repeated again but this time with a smile. He wasn't quite sure, if she was kidding. "Let me see..." he said and furrowed one's brow playfully, as he turned her hair band in his fingers. He searched on the tree next to him for a little crutch. (lt. leo: Astgabel).

    As he had found what he wanted, he wrapped the hair band around the twig. Then he knelt down, took a little Stone and place it in the middle of the hairband. Gideon was aiming in the forest canopy and let go of the hair band, as he stretched it far enough. "Not a trap,... but also helpful, ähm...don't hurt yourself..." he grinned. He knew that there was nothing exciting with the catapult, but he wasn't in the mood for more unique things. As Gideon gave the catapult Charles, Adriana was coming closer. She was really a adorable looking girl and Gideon caught himself as he stared at the daugther of Apfhrodite. "Hi, I'm Gideon and this is Charles!" he greeted her and introduced Charlotte, then he cleared his throad after he had looked at Adriana one more time. "Just let us begin and slay more Monsters as Keith's Team..." he motivated, then he runs into the forest.
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